Bespoke Gifts

Your Choice

If you’re reading this page then I’m guessing that you – or someone close to you – shares our love of classic cars, iconic warplanes, and the fabulous events that showcase them. In total there are well over 350 images on this site, all of them available as signed, boxed, and strictly Limited Edition Fine Art prints, and nearly double that number again on Instagram.

So here’s the thing.

What if you could pick your favourite PETROHEAVEN image or images, not just from the website but from Instagram as well, and get me to turn them into a bespoke calendar, a photobook, a T-shirt, a jigsaw, whatever, created especially for you as a one-off and totally unique bespoke gift. For the Jaguar lover in your life. For the WWII fighter plane buff. For the Goodwood regular. Your choice, simply to give them what you know they’ll love. Or maybe just as a “guilty pleasure” gift for yourself.

This is a new and evolving service, and for that reason there are no photos or prices displayed on this page just yet. But to give you an idea a high quality A3 wall calendar, put together by me personally using your choice of pictures and produced as a one-off just for you, will only cost around £90 plus delivery.

Have a think. Look at the pictures, decide what they might love the most. And get in touch at

Go on. You know you want to.