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Immortalise your car or car collection - in print, wall art, coffee table books, the options are endless.

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From one man bands to slick multi-car operations, capture your season, or simply just an individual event, for posterity. Test days, track days, race days - and all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into them. My location living near the Goodwood Motor Circuit makes this especially practical if the Revival and Members Meeting are key events in your year.

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Comprehensive coverage for event organisers, participants, and editorial commissions for both print and digital media worldwide.  

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For most projects I will always carry out basic post production on images, primarily colour balancing, exposure tweaks and dodging and burning of shadows and highlights. But for my own fine art prints and certain clients, however, there is a need to go further and make the image look as "period correct" as possible.

In this image of the Lancia D50 at Goodwood the plastic kettle, cups, paper towels, yellow duster and carrier bag in the background somewhat spoiled the 50's vibe and needed to be skilfully removed along with other minor blemishes and distractions elsewhere in the picture. If at all possible I would also digitally remove timing devices and GoPro cameras, though neither were attached to the D50.

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Some might say this kind of edit is unnecessary - but to me it makes all the difference.